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Cool Girl Textured Waves

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Cool Girl <i>Textured Waves</i>

1. Textured Waves

Step 1 - Ace Your Base

Starting with a perfected base is essential. Reach for your preferred hair primer and work through clean towel dried hair with your hands. Comb through.

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Oribe Run-Through (fine hair), Oribe Balm D’or (med-thick), IGK MISTRESS Hydrating Hair Balm, Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner, R+Co Waterfall (medium hair), Oribe Supershine (medium hair), R+Co Pinstripe (med).

Step 2 - Smooth & Prep

Blast dry hair until it’s 80% dry without a nozzle, then take a round brush and begin to smooth it out with the nozzle attachment.

Once dried, spritz over a styling spray for heat protection and touchable hold. A crucial step to protect hair and provide long lasting curls.

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R+Co Grid, Oribe Tres Set, Sachajuan Thermal Protection Spray, IGK Good Behaviour Spray 4-in-1

Step 3 - Curl In Small Sections

Heat up your 32mm Hot Tool Curling Iron between 180-220 degrees depending on the thickness of your hair.

Start with a horizontal section from behind the ears, then split that section down the middle to the nape. Begin curling in 2cm pieces, alternating your curl direction.

Repeat with the next horizontal section from the temples.

When it comes to the hairline and fringe section, you want to frame the face by pointing your curling iron down and curling away from the face. 

Step 4 - Let Your Curls Cool

Let your curls set by allowing them to cool and spraying them with hairspray. Brush through with a wide tooth comb and reveal our perfect beachy waves.

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Oribe Superfine, R+Co Vicious, IGK 1800 Hold Me, Sachajuan Hairspray Light & Flexible, R+Co Bleu Lifestyler

Step 5 - The Finishing Touch

Customise the final look of your curls depending on your desired finish. Whether that be added texture, shine or glossiness! 

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R+Co Bleu Optical Illusion, Oribe Apres Beach, IGK Beach Club, Sachajuan Shine Serum

R+Co Balloon, Oribe Dry Texturising Spray