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Oribe Dry Collection


Size: Value Pack
Oribe celebrates artistic expression through a collaboration with Los Angeles-based Block Shop Textiles. The four original works of art were hand-printed by fifth-generation master craftspeople in India, using carved wooden blocks and natural dyes on paper handmade from cotton rag. These limited-edition prints play upon the timeless theme of balance though arcs and stripes that are vibrant, harmonious and optimistic. The Oribe 2019 Holiday box sets are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper. Internal tray is made from 100% biodegradable and renewable plant fibre, produced at zero emission and zero waste to landfill manufacturing facilities. Bigger, better, full-on glamorous hair with Dry Texturising Spray. This invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture. Patented polymers absorb oil at the roots, leaving you with just-styled hair for days (and nights). For even more volume Thick Dry Finishing Spray inflates hair for extra thickness and lushness. • DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY, 300ml • DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY TRAVEL, 75ml • THICK DRY TRAVEL, 75ml

How to Use

Shake well. Spray eight to ten inches from scalp. Tousle with fingers or brush.